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Welcome to the Saint George Design Group, home of advanced online engagement. Our goal is to get you noticed on the Internet and then help you develop an online, interactive relationship with your clients.

Our motto is “We Speak Google” and we believe that most businesses in America need to learn this important language, the language of the Internet and search engine optimization (SEO), and to a certain extent, the search engine algorithms that drive those results. Ever wonder why some companies consistently show up at the top of search results and others languish in the nether world we call “PAST THE FOLD”? It’s all about their content, and content drives SEO

Content alone won’t deliver results; these days you need a comprehensive and strategic approach to guide you. Our methodology is old school, based on sound marketing principles that have been perfected over the past two decades. At the end of the day, isn’t that why you launched a company website: To market your company; to get your products and services noticed; and generate qualified prospects to generate sales or feed your sales force?

Our approach is to work directly with you, or your existing sales and marketing team to first establish your goals and identify your strengths. We then propose a comprehensive plan that includes much more than just tweaking some key words on a web page. When we’re finished, your clients will be able to find your site, thoroughly educate themselves about your products or services and establish a level of comfort that will generate a qualified prospect that’s ready to make a decision.

Please review our services, we always look forward to speaking with new clients and working with them on making their online world as exciting and captivating as their products and services.

The Company We Keep

We're proud of the Partnerships we've made over the years. Please review our Body of work and see for yourself what a Dynamic, Interactive website should look like. Notice the speed - better yet, visit our client's websites using a 'Touch" device and experience the Interactive Nature of HTML5 firsthand.