Managed Services

Outsource Your Website: We’ll Optimize, Manage & Update

Many businesses depend on their websites to drive traffic, and with mobile devices putting the Internet in the palm of your hand, an informative website plays as large a sales and marketing role as the various yellow style advertising pages.

When there was only one “Yellow Pages” in a town or city, a business absolutely had to advertise to have their products or services noticed. Unfortunately, many cities currently boast multiple yellow styled advertising books and knowing which one or ones to advertise in can be confusing and costly.

And now there is the Internet and Smart Phones and Tablet Devices – who needs a phone book. Try this experiment, go online, pull up Google and type in “Plumber, 12345” (enter in your own zip code instead of 12345).

If you live in a reasonably smallish city, you still get about 10 results within 10 miles on the Google Maps section (depending on your browser, you may have to click on the map to see results). Now you can actually look at where you are and select a plumber from your own or very close to your own neighborhood. Isn’t technology grand?

Of course for all of this technology to work, you’ve got to maintain your website, make sure your listings are up-to-date and keep relevant and current information posted.

What many businesses have come to realize is that they are plumbers, (or contractors, or accountants, or some other professional) and they’re already busy enough working 60+ hour work weeks, trying to keep their business profitable – and they don’t have time for updating a website.

We have time. We’re Saint George and we’ve built our business one client at a time by providing exceptional service. Our website managed service solution is designed to manage all of your website content, updating it weekly with relevant content to ensure you not only get noticed, but your website remains relevant with the Google search algorithms (you get noticed online).

Our website managed service solution is based on a nominal monthly fee that is based on an hourly service provided to your website every week. For most companies, after the initial 2-3 month website optimization process is completed, we normally spend about an hour a week maintaining and updating their site. Our preference is to work with small to medium sized businesses that will truly flourish with our service but cannot afford or justify the cost of a dedicated website manager. We’ve also been known to accommodate a few clients that require a more hands-on approach.