Press Release Service: Generating Buzz & SEO

Generating a news release helps you promote your company, products and services to all your key audiences including consumers, business decision makers, the media, and bloggers.  While there are numerous ways to post a news release, there are only a few ways of efficiently distributing your release to accredited journalists.  We are now an authorized re-seller for PR Newswire, the leading news syndication service with direct access to the AP distribution satellite. As an authorized reseller of PR Newswire products, we work with you to write an effective and compelling news story and then, using our subscription access, upload your release for distribution via the Associated Press (AP) wire service.

The most effective approach for achieving a successful news release is to distribute the release using a recognized news wire service. We will distribute your release utilizing the resources of the global leader in news and information distribution, PR Newswire. With this service, we can offer all of the traditional wire service distribution advantages (distributed  to thousands of accredited journalists) with the added benefit of simultaneous web news distribution, which helps foster the web backlinks that search engines look for.  As well, by using a wire service with a robust web reach, we can produce detailed reports detailing the effectiveness and reach of your release.

PR Newswire’s Web ReleasePLUS can help you gain traction in search engines, capture online audiences and create valuable SEO backlinks. WebReleasePLUS is a powerful combination of search-optimized press release hosting and distribution via PR Newswire’s online syndication network of more than 5,700 Websites. Your news will be seen on the Internet’s largest news sites (such as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL), niche and localized Web sites and news engines including Yahoo! News and Google News.

Advantages of PR Newswire’s Web Release PLUS Program include:

  • Posting of your release to, where it will be pulled into Yahoo! News, Google News and made available to search engines indefinitely
  • Syndication on PR Newswire’s online network which consists of thousands of Web sites
  • Inclusion in RSS feeds and site search
  • ReleaseWatch™– Receive a complimentary e-mail report with the links to where your release has appeared on more than 100 Web sites such as AOL, Forbes, Marketwatch, Hoovers, and Yahoo!

At Saint George, we’ve prepared releases for companies ranging in size from major household Fortune 500 companies to 3-person start-ups. All of our clients had a compelling story and we worked with them to effectively get that story out.

Here are some tips that will help make your next release more effective:

  1. Tell a compelling story: A news release is better received if you are not blatantly advertising your goods or services. Be humble and tell a story.
  2. Follow proper AP guidelines: Nothing screams amateur louder than a poorly formatted news release that does not follow AP guidelines. Editors can spot a poorly formatted releases very quickly and usually pass on them, meaning you won’t get re-posted and those valuable 3rd party links are an opportunity lost.
  3. Write informatively and briefly: Get to the point and tell your story in as few words as possible. Always start with a headline that makes you want to read the story; then get to it and stay on message for about 400 words.
  4. Always include a post-ramble: You never know when a reporter will want to do a follow-up. Make sure they know something about you and your company and more importantly, how to get a hold of you for more information.
  5. Include links, but not too many: Make sure your website and specific pages are hyperlinked in the release, use deeply embedded links when appropriate and use plain URL’s when they’re not. When the release gets picked up, in many cases, the links will survive the transition to another news organizations website. These links will help you bolster your search rankings.
  6. This is what we do. We’ve written and published hundreds of news stories for numerous clients. Our work consistently gets picked up and re-posted in the Business Journals throughout America, most television stations usually pick up our releases and re-post them in their business sections. Our work gets regularly featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald and on MSNBC, Mad Money, Beyond the Dow, and Money Central. We’ll write your release with you – after all, no one knows your business better than you do. Our job is to make sure the rest of the world gets to know you as well.