SEO – The Holy Grail of Your Online Presence

Ever wonder why some companies consistently show up at the top of search results and others languish in the nether world we call “PAST THE FOLD”? It’s all about Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

First, you’ve got to know what you’re doing to get noticed and second, it’s a full-time job that never ends. The good news is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this all out (of course, it never hurts to have advanced skills). The formula below is the actual Google algorithm, simplified so that even mere mortals can understand it, but there it is, courtesy of our friends at WIKI.

SEO, Google FormulaIt goes something like this: PR (Page Rank) of “Website A”  is determined by the rankings of  “Website B”  plus the rankings of “Website C” plus the rankings of “Website D” which are all determined by the links going back and forth between them and back again to “Website A”. There it is, simple as that. The point of publicly displaying the algorithm is to illustrate that there is not just one “thing”, you don’t just add words or increase your Meta tags or link up with a ton of 3rd party providers (link farms); it’s actually a combination of all of the above and much more. The amount of weight given to each “thing” is a closely guarded secret that changes every year just to keep anyone that thinks they can game the system honest.

For years now, Saint George Design has understood that when it comes to Google, the secret sauce is really quite simple: relevance. Once you understand that Google’s driving mission is to provide a user with a quick search result (usually measured in milliseconds), that provides relevant content for whatever the user is searching for, you will start to understand how search results and Page Ranking works. Put simply, content is king and relevant content trumps every other result on the Internet and will always find its way to the top of search rankings.

And just so we’re clear, everything we just covered with regard to Google applies to Yahoo, and Bing and Ask and just about every other search engine out there. They all look for relevance and try to return accurate results. The reason we tend to focus on Google more than any other search engine is because you probably used Google to find us, you and about 80% of the online users as of March 2012.

At Saint George Design we approach SEO as if that was your only means of promoting your business – and for some, it is. We’ve worked with numerous companies that use the Internet exclusively to promote themselves and have online ad budgets measured in the thousands of dollars per month.

Companies across America have entrusted Saint George with their websites online presence. We do one thing really, really well. We don’t build cars or design computers or manufacture racing yachts – we do help market them. And our relationships are measured in years, not months. If you’re looking for that proverbial quick fix, you won’t find it here.

What you will get is customer service that you haven’t experienced in some time. We do a lot of hand-holding because we know that it’s your business and the check you wrote us means less money in your pocket.

At Saint George Design– we work with you to establish the right mix of content and online promotion resulting in organic results measured in the top 75%. Mix this with some social media and add a dash of online advertising and you’ve got online results that not only get your business noticed – when your customers visit your site, they are engaged and tend to become repeat visitors – establishing a comfort level that leads to increased sales.