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Invoice Date October 18, 2022
Due Date October 18, 2022
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DINO Software Corporation

P.O. Box 7105
Alexandria, VA 22307

Scope of project:
Re-design of the main Dino site and merge the software sites into the main site. All the sub-sites would have their own unique look (as well as their own sub-menu), they would appear visually similar to the current stand-alone website but housed within the MAIN Dino site and would be vastly easier to update and secure (1 site versus 9).

Client Responsibility:

  1. Provide access to the main DINO Server (or access to the GoDaddy account) that is currently hosting the various Dino websites
  2. All work will be performed on the StGeorgeDEV Server on a Staging Site
    1. You will monitor progress here:
  3. Once the design work and content is uploaded; then styled properly and approved:
    1. The staging site will be migrated over to the main website
    2. The sub-sites will be backed up and removed
    3. The sub-site URLs will be 'Pointed' to their respective landing pages on the new DINO Site

Costs and launch date: 

  1. It will take roughly 3-months and about 90-hours to transfer and format all the content properly – estimate a launch date of late-September
  2. Cost for this project will be $4,500.00 billed in 3 equal instalments of $1,500.00
  3. Ongoing Website maintenance will be reduced from a Monthly $300 fee to a Quarterly $300 given that there is only one site to maintain
    1. With regard to your regular updates and site content, having one site would facilitate that exponentially

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
30 Website redesign & coding hours

Payment #1 of 3

Sub Total $1,500.00
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Paid -$1,500.00
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