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Ashland, KY 41101

Tax ID: 47-3917946

Invoice Number INV-183000357
Invoice Date March 28, 2024
Due Date March 28, 2024
Total Due $4,500.00

5021 122ND STREET, SUITE 300

Programming Hours Detail for the Following Client requested changes:

  1. New Company Name - AFE now ATS Fixes 8 Hours - COMPLETE
  2. Buyer Agent Issue 3.5 Hours - COMPLETE
  3. Connect with new ATS QB account 1 Hour - COMPLETE
  4. Fix QB integration issue & error due to PHP version 2 Hours - COMPLETE
  5. Create new role Agent & Redirect to Clients Page if client not selected, update buyers agent to agent 8 Hours - COMPLETE
  6. Client Not displaying issue in request offer 2.5 Hours - COMPLETE
  7. Show Client in every contract pdf and mail if traded by Agent for each and every flow on site 5 Hours - Mostly COMPLETE
    1. We still have query in this task. If there is a scenario where 2 Agents login and one creates Bid on behalf of their client and another one makes an offer on that for their client. Then in this case in every place whose client name we need to display? The one who created the products or the one who is making bid or offer or buying or selling? This is for the case when both the users are agents who have selected their own clients or if there is one agent and one vendor and both have selected their own clients to trade for.
  8. Fixes after new plugin added and other deactivated and php version changed 3 Hours - COMPLETE
  9. Reconnect new QB Account & QB invoice Changes 7 Hours - Mostly COMPLETE, 7 Hours have been spent so far and it will still take some more time (5-8. Hours?).
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
40 Custom programming - see above for details
1 AFE Project Management, Website & APP Maintenance Fee for March 2024

Add update Terms, Privacy, Fee, & Contact pages

Sub Total $4,500.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $4,500.00