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Quote Number QUO-2020-32
Quote Date March 12, 2020
Valid Until March 20, 2020
Total $4,725.00
US 52 Auction LLC

221 Township Road 1013
South Point, OH 45680 US

To design and build out a website that accomplishes the following:

  1. Complete website design to HTML5 standards (desktop & mobile compatible)
  2. Integrate WooCommerce e-commerce online shopping
    • Integrate full inventory control
  3. Add products from existing website and TEST Inventory control
  4. Integrate "LiveSTREAM" plugin that will take a livestream feed from a computer via YouTube, etc. and integrate onto the main website viewer
    • The LiveStream will be broadcast 'live' on a dedicated page within the main website
  5. Test and train with clients

Website Build & Implementation:

  1. Upon approval of proposal and payment of retainer, we shall:
    • Start building a 'wire-frame' version of the website on our development servers
    • Testing of version #1 is expected to be the week of March 30, 2020
  2. Once base testing is completed and approved, and payment of the second installment is paid, we shall:
    • Build out the complete website on the development server
    • Register YouTube/other streaming service
    • Link streaming service to website
    • Run a full mock-up "LIVE" test
    • Projected completion date is 3-4 weeks after phase 1 is approved
  3. Once the completed website has been successfully built and tested, we shall:
    • Invoice final installment
    • Upon receipt of final installment, back up and migrate the website onto clients hosting servers
    • This is done within 48-hours of final payment, usually over a weekend
    • Complete training and testing/troubleshooting with client

Website Design Fees and Payment Schedule: $4,750.00 paid as follows:

  1. $725.00 retainer to commence build out of the wireframe on our development servers
  2. $2,000.00 once clients tests, reviews and approves the wireframe version
  3. $2,000.00 once client tests, reviews and approves the final website for migration to their host server

Other costs:
Client will be responsible for the following ongoing costs:

  1. GoDaddy hosting plan (estimated $60-$120 annually)
  2. Any additional licensing fees to integrate their merchant account (estimated $75-$100 annually)

Optional Website Management Service:
Many of our clients manage their own websites, however, we do have website management services available ranging from monthly ($250-$500/month) to Quarterly ($300-$500/quarter). This is an optional offering depending how much or how little you wish to be involved in your websites everyday management.

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63 52 Auction LIVEStream website, design & build

Per timeline and terms above

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Total $4,725.00