The Group

St. George: Working With You to Enhance Your Online Presence

The Saint George Design Group was founded to provide client engagement and online marketing solutions to mid-sized companies. We’re experienced business people first – we know that any service we sell you must have a payback number associated with it. We also know that pretty pictures alone won’t work if the people on the front lines, your sales force, don’t buy into the program.

Our approach to marketing is comprehensive and thorough. We start with the basics, namely your Brand, and work from there. Our goal is simple: Get you noticed and generate qualified prospects for your sales force. We are marketers first and online wizards second – before we do anything, we consider the marketing outcomes and then, with input from your team, we act.

We also work with your existing team to ensure that any program we put into place will be followed up on after we’ve left the building. As an example: Once we’ve optimized your website and set-up call-to-action pages we then work with the office staff to insure that once leads are acquired, effective follow-up procedures are in place to take immediate advantage of the interest that was generated.

Saint George Design Group’s Signature Service is anchored on our Website Management Services. Think of us as your in-house web marketing guru, except we don’t use up any space! Increasing your visibility and generating online business and qualified sales leads is what drives us. Our goal is to help your company grow – we know that our growth is completely dependent upon your sales growth. We have an excellent record and are ready to work with you to establish new sales records for your company.

If you’re ready to take your corporate image & sales to the next level, please Contact Us.