Brand Building

Saint George Branding Services: Building Lasting Value

A Brand has value, offering a promise and representing an image. Recognized Brands are often responsible for the sale of a product, based solely on its own merit.

A brand, your brand, is probably the most important company asset at your disposal. As important as these assets are, often times they are taken for granted and treated with little regard: “just a corporate name.”

Saint George Brand Enhancement programs are designed to promote our clients’ Brands. They can be new Brands or older proven Brands in need of a “makeover”. We realize the value you have invested in your Brand, and more importantly, the value your Brand has in the marketplace.

A Brand Enhancement campaign is designed to promote a Brand with the end-goal of increasing Brand recognition, acceptance, and value association. We have worked with large, international conglomerates as well as smaller market companies. The base strategy was the same: promote the Brand and increase Brand awareness resulting in increased market share.

Our designers work with your existing team to ensure the Brand “look” clearly attains the desired results

We research Brand awareness within your industry to determine your Brand’s name recognition and suggest any adjustments that could increase your Brand’s awareness

Working with senior management, we are able to craft a corporate tagline that would best embody your company’s offering. We would then associate the new tagline with the corporate Brand

Brand Enhancement campaigns also include a detailed Brand Promotion Program to increase market awareness and acceptance

Saint George Brand Enhancement programs are also designed for newer companies without an established Brand or Brand Image. The start-up process can often be very exciting, and can definitely be enhanced with a dedicated Brand Management Strategy. In short, if you want to get noticed, we have a proven system that will integrate into your existing MarCom Plan and deliver measurable results.