Graphic Design

Design Services: Create Compelling Collateral

Creative Design is the very heart of any Marketing & Communications company. Creativity is as unique as one’s fingerprint, but it is also affected by one’s experiences. The Saint George Design Group is first, and foremost a collaboration of creative designers, each with unique experience in their discipline.

Guiding these creative talents is George Louli, our Art Director. His experience has been forged over two decades and numerous countries. Many companies talk about Global Marketing – George will gladly show you his passport. Other companies talk about what they do – George wants to know what you want, and then he finds a way to get it done. Our operational slogan is simple: “Just because no one has tried, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

We live in a visual world, always processing information from a variety of sources. Our approach is to work with your team to insure continuity with your entire Sales & Marketing message – sell your sales personnel and your clients with a unified message.

Saint George Design Services include:

  • Full creative advertising design and layout
  • Original brochure and data sheet layout
  • Corporate image pieces including organizational pieces, promotional brochures, and brand awareness design
  • Direct mail design and fulfillment
  • Logo and package design

Our services also utilize the very latest in one-on-one user testing and advertising feedback research to insure that your investment provides the returns demanded in today’s market.

Our designs are currently in use by both global conglomerates and smaller, niche companies. Our goal is always the same: Provide value and a lasting image. We’d be happy to review our extensive portfolio with you at your convenience.