Strategic Marketing

MarCom: Marketing & Communications Services

Marketing & Communications or MarCom as it is commonly called is the fusion of traditional Marketing services and Promotional Communications techniques blended together resulting in a powerful Strategic Sales Tool.

At Saint George, we call this service Strategic Marketing. It’s one of the Signature Services we offer our clients and is based on the premise that any communications plan must be strategic with forward thinking planning, capable of integrating seamlessly into an existing sales structure.

MarCom campaigns factor current market trends, growth plans, sales & distribution, and value propositions into any proposal. Our process is exhaustive because we realize that it’s your product and your name that we’re promoting.

We follow a multi-step, disciplined approach:

  • First we thoroughly evaluate your current plan using our advantage of looking at your company with a fresh perspective
  • We analyze your current sales structure, including lead distribution, follow-up methods, and sales tools
  • We’ve also developed a questionnaire designed to pin-point your goals and thereby more accurately define our recommendations
  • A draft Strategic Marketing & Communications Plan is usually presented to the senior management team for initial review

After consulting with your team, we craft a dedicated plan with defined goals, budgeting requirements, and specific recommendations that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing sales & marketing procedures

Our goal with the Strategic Marketing Program is to enhance your current marketing & communications program – not replace it. Our plans are based on real-world experience with real-world, measurable results. The plans we have executed have resulted in significant, measurable sales growth in large and smaller organizations.